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About Us

Management Team

Brendan Ludden, Managing Director graduated from Oxford University (1992) and has a PhD from Cambridge University (1997) where he specialised in sensor technology. The author of numerous patents, Brendan has extensive experience in bringing new products to market, including design and integration, trials and prototyping and user experience optimization with Motorola and Vodafone. He was Managing Director of New Concept Gaming and provides the creative vision for the company.

Patrick Slaats, Director of Development is an embedded system specialist. After graduating in “Advanced Computer Science” at the Technical University in The Hague he gained essential experience in several multi-national companies including Rank Xerox, Schlumberger and Vodafone. Patrick holds a number of key patents in the fields of location enabled services and motion detection systems. Patrick is responsible for systems architecture, taking the product concept through its optimization process and is based in Eindhoven.

Jaison George, Director of Operations has worked for a number of technology companies including both established companies and start-ups including Ericsson, 2Wire, Cingular and Vodafone. With a Masters in electrical engineering from Stanford University, Jaison has extensive international experience and is responsible for the company’s global supply chain.