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Sciatech’s technology platform is based on an integration of sensor technology with unique pattern recognition algorithms and a flexible communications module. It enables Sciatech to develop compelling hardware/software combinations that can be delivered at low cost.

jOG compatible with Nintedo Wii

jOG is the ground breaking add-on for the Wii that lets you control your game character movement by jOGing on the spot. Simply plug it in, clip it to your belt and you’re ready to start playing your games in a new, exciting and active way!

jOG uses Sciatech's advanced movement technology to let you control the movement of your on-screen character by your own body motion. You run, your character runs. You stop, your character stops. Amazing!

jOG is compatible with all existing video games that use the Nunchuk joystick to control game character movement. Keep the joystick pushed in the direction you want to go and start jOGing to move your character in that direction. If you stand still, so does your character!

jOG has been tested compatibilie with over 150 Wii games.